We are in the neighborhood since 1874


Iglesia Evangélica de Poblenou


With the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ came the first Christian church. Today, two thousand years later, there are places around the world where they meet those who are still captivated by the Christian faith. The Evangelical Church of Pueblo Nuevo is one of those places. Been present in the neighborhood since 1874 and in its present location since 1927. Until the Civil War, the church housed also a school that still remains in the memory of our elders.

has always been present in all types of activities in a sense of solidarity with our society and also with the desire of bringing the Good News to all; news found in the pages of the Bible.


What do we believe?


Evangelical Christians (or Protestants) believe in one God (Father, Son and Holy Espítiru) it treats the Bible, which, by his love for us, became man in the person of Jesus.

We believe in the Bible, and only there we find God’s message to us. It tells us how close to Jesus to meet him and reveals how much we are loved by Him

believe that Christianity is to live as Jesus taught us.


believe that Jesus is the only one capable of responding to the deepest human needs. He reveals our true condition and love transforms us, communicating peace.