Social work

Love your neighbor as yourself


Food Bank. Open the second and fourth Saturday of each month from 9.00 to 11.00. We serve people derived from social services and people who live on the streets.


Evangelical Prison Ministry Visit each week to the inmates of the prison in Pueblo Nuevo Wad-Ras (preventive). In addition, Ca’n visit Brians in Martorell (men and women) and Trinity in Barcelona (youth). For the most needy are provided with clothing, shoes. Money orders are made to family, help with courts, lawyers. Job search assistance once they left the prison. There are believers authorized by the Generalitat de Catalunya entering all prisons in Catalonia weekly. The first objective is to present the Word of God and that this becomes a reality in their lives, so they can completely change and integrate into society as normal. Besides visiting the families of inmates to reset relations that often have been destroyed.


Alcoholics Anonymous They meet in the Evangelical Church of Pueblo Nuevo C / Llull 161, on Mondays from 20:00 10:00 p.m.


Collection of toys in the Christmas season Participated together with dozens of organizations and individuals in collecting toys to be held in our neighborhood for children in need.


Solidarity days For over 10 years organizing conferences, workshops for children, sale of “Fair Trade”, exhibitions of NGOs, with the collaboration of other institutions and NGOs in the neighborhood. We had the support of: Oxfam, Setem, Clowns Without Borders, Apropem-us, ACAP, Esplai Maig Flower … Sale of Fair Trade products

Other Collaborations


New Life Marginalized helps. Collection of clothes in the Evangelical Church of Pueblo Nuevo C / Llull 161. This clothing is sent to New Life Center is in C / Robadors No: 7. Barcelona Tel 93 302 1227


El Faro Evangelical Social Service helps drug addiction and alcoholism. C / Roger de Lauria. 59 Santa Coloma de Gramanet Barcelona. Tel 93 466 4703


Emmanuel Children’s Residence Evangelical Christian institution is not subsidized. He lives on donations from individuals and churches. It is a center for children from marginalized families where their parents can not care for them. Are Monday through Friday, attending the local school. It is intended that the weekends the children are with their families. We accept donations or canned food. Tel 93 417 1625. The residence is located in C / Anselm Clave No: 18 Egham Barcelona.