The Protestants came to Pueblo Nuevo in 1874 and since then have struggled to offer the Gospel to the residents of this neighborhood, and in turn, educate their children how many have attended schools that have held for some 50 years .

Year 1927 inauguration

In 1886 the work was installed in four stores of poor conditions, rentals on the Paseo de Triomphe, where for 41 years, pastors and teachers have continued to work faithfully. Although the above premises were not attractive, colleges achieved accreditation for excellence in teaching and the progress made by pupils.

March 13, 1932. Group Sunday school children

For too long the church buildings themselves had wanted for his work, both for the best presentation of the Word of God to the best education for children.

In 1913 it seemed that this desire would be fulfilled, when he bought a spacious sun Llull street, for 60,000 pesetas, with the site 1,816 meters square. In December 1925, consent was obtained from London to proceed with the project. The inauguration took place on September 4, 1927.

November 1935. First church choir Pueblo Nuevo

is now a church that is integral to our society, working in different areas. We have only one desire: to get the Gospel to all; news found in the pages of the Bible.